Prices for 2018-19 are: £14 for single, £21 for couple, and £25 for family.

You may join the Friends or renew your existing membership by paying your subscription using a facility called mydonate, which is provided by BT in support of charities. It is easy to use and secure, and the payment process is completed in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Subscription details

Your email address
Your title, name and address
The amount you wish to donate: select the subscription rate which matches your requirements – single, couple or family
Whether you wish gift-aid to be claimed on the donation

Step 2: Payment details

Your credit card details and billing address

Step 3: Confirmation and the option to register with mydonate

You will also receive confirmation by email. In addition, you can opt to register with mydonate to make this process simpler in the future (when you will not have to re-enter your details).

Click here to make your payment When you arrive at the BT-mydonate page click on the Donate-now button at bottom right-hand side of the page.

Further information regarding mydonate can be found here.