Anthology Project

The Friends' Anthology Project

The Friends of the University of Dundee Botanic Gardens, situated on Riverside Drive, are offering local writers, poets, artists and photographers a unique opportunity to showcase their work by submitting it for inclusion in an anthology scheduled to appear in the spring of 2019.

As Mark McGilchrist, Chair of the Friends, explained: “Gardens have provided inspiration for writers and artists down the centuries so how better to celebrate all that Dundee’s very own treasure of a garden has to offer?”

The objectives of the Friends are to:
  • support the continuing development of the Garden
  • provide finance for specific projects
  • promote the Garden as a recreational and educational facility

The Friends' Anthology supports these purposes by:
  • advertising the merits of the Garden to a larger audience and thereby increasing its use and support
  • developing a broader social and geographic community by integrating new elements and areas (artistic, geographic and social)
  • showing new ways of appreciating the merits of the Garden
  • confirming the importance of the Garden

The Anthology Project has its own web site which can be found here.

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