Committee minutes for August 2017

Please note: The Minutes of the Committee are published one month in arrears to enable adoption of the minutes prior to publication
Minutes of the Committee meeting held on 16th August 2017
at 6.00 pm in the Education Centre

Present: Mark McGilchrist (Chair), Donald Hay (Vice-Chair), Alison Gordon (Secretary), Tricia Paton, Colin Robertson (Membership Secretary), Wendy Saywood (Minute Secretary).

Apologies: Jodi-anne George (JOOT representative & co-opted member of the committee), John Gordon (Treasurer), Alasdair Hood (Curator)

Minutes and Actions of the Meeting of 19th July 2017
The minutes were sent prior to the meeting and were accepted by the Committee.
Curator’s Report
No report was presented, but the Chair indicated that the proposal and costing of the Streams Project is still being prepared.
Treasurer’s Report
No report was presented at the meeting, but the status of our funds is healthy and in line with commitments.
Committee Membership and AGM
A proposal for a one-time extension to the period of service on the Friends Committee will be circulated ahead of the AGM for approval then.
All committee positions were reviewed.
The Friends’ appointments to the Endowment Trust committee were also reviewed.
Autumn Newsletter
This will be sent to Friends at the beginning of October
Proposal by curator to improve visitor experience at reception and cafe
A Friends’ funded report on a study of this from the Moffat Centre has been received and will be reviewed by the Chair and the curator in conjunction with the architectural drawings commissioned and received by the Friends.
Friends’ Anthology project
                  The next focus day is set for 19th August and around 40 are expected to attend.
Children’s play areas
                  This work is now complete and a report will be prepared for the Alexander-Moncur Trust
The Windchimes purchased from the Alexander Moncur Trust and Friends have been installed in the Garden and visitors will be encouraged to provide pictures and comments on these and the log area and willow arch for uploading to the Friends’ website.
Report of Events
The Summer Gathering on 12th August had gone very well with 200 attendees and there had been a lot of positive feedback.
Mad Hatters Tea Party for 22 children had also gone well on the 31st July.  Members of JOOT had provided the entertainment for this.
Future Events
Autumn-winter lectures listing will appear in the newsletter
Food and Flower Festival – there will be a Friends stand at this to raise awareness of the Garden and the Friends and this will be manned by volunteers over the three days
The New Year fun run, Ease into ’18 will take place on the 2nd of January.
Other projects
River Line project – on-going.
Preparations for a children’s gardening group are continuing and an item on this will be included in the Autumn Newsletter.

There being no further business the meeting closed.

The next Committee meeting will take place at 6.00pm on Wednesday 11th October 2017 in the Education Centre.

The Friends AGM will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 13th September 2017 in the Education Centre.